Despite it All

  A year ago I doubted I would ever say the things I am about to share. I was only months into a life I never imagined I’d lead, and still a little hurt by many of the well-meaning words others said to me. And yet, here I am, a year later… still grieving, but […]

The Negative

Trying to conceive can be a crazy journey for many couples. Some have the issue of infertility, some struggle with learning a new life after a loss, and some are lucky enough to conceive without much thought at all. So, each month when the day finally comes that you can test to see if you’ve […]

What Doesn’t Kill You…

This week is a big one, for some obvious reasons, and for some surprise reasons as well. Aside from this week being the big “Great American Eclipse,” in my own town, as well as my niece’s 7th birthday, this week marks one year since my sons left me to live in heaven. One year of […]