Another few weeks have passed, and the preggo-train keeps chugging along.

Lucky for me the ultra-sick feeling days have been coming less frequently, and some other pains have been explained. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is “the best part of pregnancy,” according to a bunch of people.

*The Second Trimester*

Reportedly the most energetic and least symptom ridden part of pregnancy, and my own little hopeful time to get back in the swing of things. And even implement some of the goals and things I’ve been dreaming up.

I’ve made good use of these couple weeks off of school I have with Doctors visits and company conventions thus far, and while I feel I’ve been improving (as I mentioned above,) I did get some news from my OB’s office while in Cali.

In the interest of being open and candid as I have strived to be here previously, I will share a perhaps more uncomfortable issue we’ve been facing lately.

A week ago, I went in for my “end of first trimester” screening test and ultrasound, among other things. I had a certain early test performed (that I do not remember the name for,) as well as some normal testing and my first PAP-smear… yay.

Well, this test is what the office called to talk about with me while I was in California.

Turns out I had (*have,) a bacterial infection.

Don’t worry on my behalf, luckily this infection shouldn’t effect baby at all other than the possibility of pre-term labor, which I’m too early for my body to react too adversely to. So I called a random pharmacy near me to have the office call my antibiotic in and I started that down in California.

As unpleasant as it is to get the news of irregularity in an already anxiety ridden pregnancy, diagnosing and treating something is better than leaving it unknown, and it also explains some of the extreme pain and discomforts I’ve faced in the last few weeks, and probably the extra “sick-y” feelings of late.

My hope is that as this antibiotic works in me, I will start feeling better and have more energy with the arrival of the second trimester!

In other news… While traveling to Anaheim for convention, it would be CRAZY not to go to Disneyland for at least one day! So we did. And here are my thoughts.

Disney and pregnant.

So, there were some pros and cons to the day…

For instance… Whether pregnant or not, you can always enjoy some magical food at the Disney parks, and what’s more, I may argue that said food is even more magically delicious when pregnant versus not. But, there are a small handful of rides and things that are a no-no to the pregnant mother. No mountain magic for me. It was pretty convenient though to have an adult who couldn’t ride the mountains to be able to sit with the kiddos while others got to enjoy it.

I did have to take a lot of breaks and do my fair share of sitting throughout the day, and there was one heat-exhaustion scare right before “It’s a Small World,” but for the most part I enjoyed the kid rides and attractions and got to indulged in amazing treats.

All-in-all it is a “would recommend” even when pregnant.

The real REASON we traveled all the way down here wasn’t for Disney though.

We came for the Sunrider Convention 2018

I’m so lucky to be a part of a Health Food company that is so distinguished and refined. I can honestly tell you that I use the best products on the market and am blessed because of it! We learned so much and I got to reconnect with some friends from the Cruise last February.


{I could go on and on about what I experienced and was able to learn but for your sakes I won’t, but if you’re interested in knowing more just send me a message and I’d be happy to let you in on the secret (: }

Before getting all the way home from last weeks excitement, we are having a few days here in Utah where Warren met me because his family came to town for vacation!

And I love vacation as much as the next gal, but theres something to be said about the comforts and freedoms of home after a week away, and after this extra vacation it will have been two weeks (and a little extra) since being home and I am just anxious to have the rest and “real life,” back…

I’m excited to implement some of the tactics and ideas I’ve learned into my daily life, and to be honest, I’m anxious to get back to my Doctors and check up on the little one inside… Every little thing has me worried and nights are especially hard while I just lay there and worry.

But I do love seeing the family, especially my mother-in-law and the kids (;

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