“Happy” Holidays!

Most everyone can agree that Christmas is Magical! But it becomes something different as you grow. When you’re a kid it’t all about Santa and his impossible trip around the world. You wake up at the crack of dawn to go find out what the magical man left for you and spend the day giddy […]

Wishing for a Baby this Christmas

You’ve heard the term, and some even make fun of it. Baby hungry. Some young college girls think they know the feeling. They think its just an overwhelming feeling of “cute” that they want to own. I’ll tell you right now- they don’t know what ‘baby hungry’ is. Because if you’re REALLY baby hungry, it […]


As some could guess, holidays are hard for angel’s mommies. I see so many pictures and updates of all of my friends babies who are close to the age my sons would be now. They’re all growing fast, they all have their parents 100% attention and affection 100% of the time, and they’re all (of […]