With a Side of Thanks

We're all dished a plate full of problems to go through in this life. Each persons meat is different from the next, but all of us have an array of entrees to chew through. And just like everyone has their food preferences, the challenges we are served can and will affect us all differently. It... Continue Reading →

Today is October 15th

October is a wonderful month full of fun and fall. Halloween is widely loved and celebrated. Breast Cancer awareness is spread and supported... But two years and two months ago, the month gained a new purpose for me. Bringing understanding and support to those who are suffering, grieving, and still breathing through their loss. Today,... Continue Reading →

Bumpdate; Rainbow week 18

One of the purest sources of peace and excitement for me these days; Milestones. Today we reached one milestone that I thought was note worthy and I wanted to share with everyone. Today, Warren was able to feel baby moving from the outside ❤ It took longer this time, understandably, as when there were two... Continue Reading →

Angel Mom; the good

Believe it or not, (and it took me a while to accept and whole heartedly believe this,) there are some good things that come from being an Angel Mom. Before getting into some of them I'll preface this with some of "the bad, and the ugly" bits we all know to be reality... The grieving.... Continue Reading →

End of August

I'll be honest with you and let you know that I don't actually know where this post is going to take me, but I can't ignore the overwhelming push to write thats been coming over and over. So, I'll start with a tiny update of sorts. I'm starting back up at school tomorrow- which is... Continue Reading →

Disney, Utah, and Pregnant Too

Another few weeks have passed, and the preggo-train keeps chugging along. Lucky for me the ultra-sick feeling days have been coming less frequently, and some other pains have been explained. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is “the best part of pregnancy,” according to a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Destination- Forever Family

Sick. Sick sick sick. I mean the in obvious sense of course- constant nausea, sporadic dry heaving and all that comes with that... Headaches, cramping, heartburn... it's all a part of the Lynzee's innards party. But what pushed me over the manageable edge is the cold. Yep, a common cold was what really "did me... Continue Reading →

My Rainbow Pregnancy

I wanted to put this down here partially for myself, {since APPARENTLY theres this magical thing that makes women FORGET how hard/bad/painful pregnancy and birth are after the fact.....} and partially for friends and family who mean well when they say things, (which I acknowledge and appreciate,) but don't quite understand... First of all; The... Continue Reading →

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