Disney, Utah, and Pregnant Too

Another few weeks have passed, and the preggo-train keeps chugging along. Lucky for me the ultra-sick feeling days have been coming less frequently, and some other pains have been explained. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is “the best part of pregnancy,” according to a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Destination- Forever Family

Sick. Sick sick sick. I mean the in obvious sense of course- constant nausea, sporadic dry heaving and all that comes with that... Headaches, cramping, heartburn... it's all a part of the Lynzee's innards party. But what pushed me over the manageable edge is the cold. Yep, a common cold was what really "did me... Continue Reading →

My Rainbow Pregnancy

I wanted to put this down here partially for myself, {since APPARENTLY theres this magical thing that makes women FORGET how hard/bad/painful pregnancy and birth are after the fact.....} and partially for friends and family who mean well when they say things, (which I acknowledge and appreciate,) but don't quite understand... First of all; The... Continue Reading →

To Those Who Wait

Patience. It's a virtue. and is required for "all good things," to come. and it is SO HARD to be. Why is it that waiting seems harder than so many physical and mortal challenges we face? We are told that patience is power, that good things come to those who wait. But the world today... Continue Reading →


Last Spring, when I miscarried, I had been so thankful I'd thought to write down so many of my thoughts and feelings concerning the pregnancy. It was wonderful to go back (months later when I'd had the peace of mind,) and see how hopeful and happy I was. Of course I didn't think it would... Continue Reading →

C’est La Vie

Perfection. We are all here striving for it. An impossible destination, yet we are all tediously trying. I believe that. That everyone is truly trying. It can be easy in this "natural state" to feel that someone means offense when they don't, or to be hurt that your concerns weren't on everyones mind. But I... Continue Reading →

A Little of Everything

There are nights (like tonight,) where I lay sleeplessly in bed, crying quietly to myself, because it is all I can do to keep from bursting from the longing and yearning inside me. For my boys and for my future children too... And although I've been extremely blessed to be able to find more purpose... Continue Reading →

Newton’s Law

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." Obviously, as a philosopher, Newton was talking about physics. Science. But I've had a theory for a while that the same is true in life. Every action you take has its consequences. We've all made mistakes and know this to be true. When you choose to sleep... Continue Reading →

Despite it All

  A year ago I doubted I would ever say the things I am about to share. I was only months into a life I never imagined I'd lead, and still a little hurt by many of the well-meaning words others said to me. And yet, here I am, a year later... still grieving, but... Continue Reading →

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