CONGRATULATIONS! You get to join the “Girl-mom” gang! There’s so much to be excited about when having a little girl, but one of the most typical would be BOWS!!

First of all, when it comes to baby bows there are a few categories of things to consider in your purchases;

  1. Size
  2. Style
  3. Medium
  4. Brand

Size is the most obvious, of course. Some love the big big bows, and others are all about the little and dainty. If you thought it was that simple though, prepare yourself for what’s coming!

Style is simple enough. Baby bows typically come on either a nylon band or a clip, or are a full headband/headwrap style. The type of clip and nylon may vary from shop to shop, but those are the two options for a “plain” bow to be sold on. Headbands and Headwraps are typically used for bigger fabric bows.

Now is where it can start getting a little complicated. There are tons of bow “mediums.” Classic Ribbon, thin ribbon, wired ribbon, painted ribbon, printed ribbon, leather, faux leather, printed faux leather, thin faux leather, hand-tied fabric, hand-tied lace… etc. And even within one bow medium each shop has its own style, although with the sheer amount of bowtiques/boutiques/etsy shops and shopify’s out there, there is of course a lot of cross-over in the world of bow style.

Brand is where it all culminates though, unless you are keen on trying your hand at bow making.

There are SO MANY bow companies out there that there’s a lot to consider in which to choose. The first of which is what shops are selling the style/size/medium type of bow you are wanting, of course. But after that, there’s the size of shop. Are you wanting to purchase from a bigger brand who have established a dedicated following for their style and quality, or are you interested in supporting a smaller shop run by a mom or local moms who are doing their part to help bring something in for their families?

After that it’s a matter of trial and error.

In the way of bows on nylon for pre-head-of-hair (younger,) babies… I have learned that not all nylon is made equal. Some can be harder and not so forgiving on soft little baby heads and will leave harsh red marks where they were placed. You want to find the shops who’s nylon is stretchy and soft on the babe’s head and can be worn a long while without hurting them.

Headwraps are super fun, and there are many types of fabrics that can be used for them. Bullet, knit, velvet, etc. The way each shop ties them will vary, naturally, and each person will have a style preference. Be careful in choosing a retailer who’s goods wont just come apart due to a little tugging, babies do like to pull on their bows.

Top-knots can come in any of the fabrics a headwrap does, and offer something even more to consider… the look of knot you want. Some love the really really big knots, some like the bun look, some the twisted unicorn look and theres the plain ‘ol tied up knot look. And all of these vary in size as well.

Many headwraps and top knots will be made in two pieces, the headband and the bow or knot attached. This is where you will need to consider the size of headband. Many shops use terms like “baby,” “toddler,” or “mama,” to reference the size their bands are made in, but all should have a guide to tell you how many inches in diameter they are. For me, Kates little noggin was almost always too big for the “baby” size and I ended up selling a handful of knots and bows I’d only had her wear once or twice because they were too small for her, so watch the size!

One more little area of bow knowledge to investigate would be Bow Subscriptions. There are also tons of these out there, ranging from huge companies to little ones that will send you bows each month and automatically charge your account for them. Some mamas like to do a subscription for a few months and then cancel once they’ve built us a satisfactory “stash.”

If your bitty bean isn’t yet here, then you don’t yet know what types of bows they will accept or tolerate. Some babies are picky like that. In which case I’d recommend getting a small sample of many kinds to see what she, and yourself, favors.

Summers Bow Co.

Now for a quick plug for some personal favorites…

If you’re wanting the hand-tied look I love Summers Bow Co. (ig handle- @summers_bow_co) It’s a small business run by a mama, she’s so sweet and can do custom bows too! I got our mama and baby matching lemon bows from her.

Olivia’s Bow Club

If you wanna try a bow subscription but don’t know which, I highly recommend Olivia’s Bow Club (ig handle- @oliviasbowclub) They offer a variety of styles and the softest head wraps in each months delivery.

Nayv & Ko. Bows

My favorite faux leather bows come from Nayv & Ko. Bows. Another mom-run company, and she is even local to Dallas here. She was sweet enough to send me a few bows free before Kate arrived. (ig handle- @nayvandko.bowtique)

Princess Posh Bows

If you like a more “classic” styled bow, look no farther than Princess Posh Bows. You can find this mama’s shop on etsy or shopify, (ig handle- @princessposhbows) and if you like, you can even use the code “kate10” and save at checkout!

And lastly, if you’re like me and are really into the classic meets modern, southern style boutique for regular bows in mini, little and large as well as top knots and head wraps then you can head over to my favorite shop, Rainbow Cactus Boutique! It is run by three amazing Dallas mamas, and they are so so sweet to their customers. Great turn around time and always coming up with more fabric and patterns. (ig handle- @rainbowcactusboutique) You can also use “kate10” to save here as well.

Rainbow Cactus Boutique

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