Sick sick sick.

I mean the in obvious sense of course- constant nausea, sporadic dry heaving and all that comes with that… Headaches, cramping, heartburn… it’s all a part of the Lynzee’s innards party.

But what pushed me over the manageable edge is the cold.

Yep, a common cold was what really “did me in.”

You see, I was managing the morning sickness, exhaustion and school alright until that cold was added into the mix. Once that happened, it was like everything (especially the nausea/dry heaving,) doubled in enthusiasm. Complete exhaustion overcame me and, well the fact is, I ended up opting to take a small leave from school. (Just for a few weeks.)

A piece of my maternity leave if you will, and for the next month, I am focused on doing all I can for my own, and little rainbow’s, health. Including, but not limited to; Sunrider convention (finally!!,) Doctors appointments, WIC appointments, diet and exercise improvement, chiropractic and dental appointments (hopefully,) and everything else I can think of.

And in these weeks, the likelihood of my morning sickness subsiding rises with each passing day! Apparently 90% of women report a decline of those specific symptoms with the arrival of the 12th week of pregnancy, which is a week or so away for me! I hope and pray that I am not of that 10% that experiences lasting nausea and such throughout pregnancy… I mean I wasn’t last time soooooooo?

As for today… Still in the thick of it. And of course if it wasn’t bad enough with all the previously mentioned ailments being dealt with, my right eye has been acting up with what I once thought was an allergic reaction to makeup that I now wonder if it may be caused by something else seeing as ONLY my right eye reacts this way…

And so I sit at home (sadly,) with a sore and upset stomach, aching head, and puffy/dry/itchy/red eye, and not singing with the primary children.

There is a small light in my morning however:

Music and the Spoken Word, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

I didn’t catch all of it as I was trying to soothe my throat and eye before anything else this morning, but what I did see was just what the (imaginary Lynzee’s mind) Doctor ordered!

As this week we will be celebrating Pioneer day, the choir sang some classics for the occasion, but the story told with it is what really struck a chord with me.

Brother Newell spoke of some specific pioneers who traveled all the way from England, over seas to America, then by train to Iowa, just to take up handcarts for another 1000+ miles to Utah. He spoke of how they left the comforts and eases of their lives because they had a destination in mind. They, through faith, gave up many of life’s essentials to forge through to where they knew they’d find happiness and fulfillment in their destination.

He then spoke of how we all can be modern day pioneers in many different ways.

This thought developed in my mind, and I decided that that is what I am. A pioneer. I have given up many of the comforts of life. Not in the way our ancestors did, but in the fact that in these next 6 and a half months, I am voluntarily giving up my own health and body to become a vessel for my little rainbow. For them to grow, develop, and eventually be born into this world. I am giving up these things in faith knowing my destination that lies ahead– My Forever Family. And happiness in the eternities.

Perhaps in that day I too can be a “blessed, honored pioneer.”

And the miraculous truth of this is, the comforts and essentials given up to forge ahead toward your own faithful destination are never left in vain, and you are never pushing forward alone. Our Lord and Savior is there every step of the way, encouraging, and even shouldering some of the burden, because of his boundless love for each of us.

Happy Sunday all my lovely readers, and thank you for being willing to listen to my sometimes jumbled thoughts. I am truly thankful for all of you and wish you the best of blessings on your own pioneer journey!

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