The Little Things

This last week was my first back at school. First days are usually associated with excitement and anticipation, looked forward to. I, however, have been dreading this week for a while now. Going back to school feels like “moving on,” so to speak, from something I can never actually be apart from. Going back to […]

“Happy” Holidays!

Most everyone can agree that Christmas is Magical! But it becomes something different as you grow. When you’re a kid it’t all about Santa and his impossible trip around the world. You wake up at the crack of dawn to go find out what the magical man left for you and spend the day giddy […]

Moving… Decorating… and more

I am sorry about slacking this week, but it’s been a busy one! Most of you know that we’ve moved! We got into our beautiful new apartment this last Tuesday and have just over the last two days been starting to really make it our own as we finish moving boxes of stuff around. Nothing […]