“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Obviously, as a philosopher, Newton was talking about physics. Science.

But I’ve had a theory for a while that the same is true in life.

Every action you take has its consequences. We’ve all made mistakes and know this to be true. When you choose to sleep in past your alarm, you know what is going to happen. Yes, you may feel better with extra sleep, but you’ll also be going through your day knowing you skipped out on whatever it was you were waking up to do.

I believe this life-law works in our benefit often as well.

When you take time to smile at someone who may be having a rough day, or send a kind message to a friend or relative, or serve someone in need… those actions come back to you in a magical way.

This is true in our health as well as our lives, of course. We know that when we make good and nutritious choices that we will feel better, and when we don’t that we will feel worse.

Here is the “part two” of this life-law that I really believe in too…

“The greater your sorrow, the greater your capacity to feel joy.”

In life, we are all called to bear certain burdens. Sadness is a part of the experience here for all of us, and for a good reason too.

“Without darkness, could there be any light?”

Divinely, there is perfect opposition in all things, and for that to be so, we all must go through sorrows to understand the full extent of joy that is in store for us.

Personally, I can’t yet imagine the joy I may feel once I deliver a live and breathing baby. If I could measure this potential by comparing it to the depths of my sorrows from loosing my babies, then I would think that that joy would be the most amazing high of all times.


What Sadness Teaches

From very early on, we all are taught in some way or another that sadness is bad… “Turn that frown upside down” or things like this are said often to young children. But sadness is one of life’s greatest teachers.

From sadness we learn resolutions.

Coping, breathing, understanding… all of these things can be learned from experiencing sadness.

We understand joy better, and learn empathy.

Because everyone will experience sadness in one way or another, having that experience gives each of us the chance to better understand and love one another.

We have all been in a place where it feels like “no one understands,” since nobody has experienced the exact scenario you’re going through, it can seem like there’s nowhere to turn. At these times is when we have to remember that there is always SOMEONE who does know. He suffered that which each of us has suffered.

And it is those times when the rest of us need to come forward with even more love. Because although we can never truly understand, we can be empathetic and kind.

So what’s all of this mean, where’s it coming from…

I’ve been beating myself up lately for my shortcomings. In my personal goals, in my work, in my friendships… It can be easy sometimes to see all of the problems in life as a result of your own failings… So I’ve dedicated myself pretty fully into taking small steps toward the person I want to be. The biggest of which would be my efforts to be a better friend. It can be so easy to let a disagreement or hurt feelings justify being aggressive or distant from someone who normally you’d be close too, so instead I am attempting to show greater love and hopefully better understand these people who are close to me instead of despise them secretly.

But more than just that I’ve also found myself having trouble understanding so much of the political fire spread by everyone around me. It seems like these days one disagreement can lead to an all out war on one another and I am saddened by this.

I am usually rather silent on politics because of this and while I do have my own political convictions and opinions, I believe that people are more important that being right. I think that if you can’t show love to someone despite their differences, then how can you expect your views to change the nation?

With the “walk up” campaign being spread, I would like to encourage all of us, not just high school students, to walk up. Walk up to yourself, take strides to that person you imagine yourself becoming. Walk up to your neighbor and serve them. Walk up to your friends and love them. Walk up to your enemies and forgive them… The world is in desperate need of more love. But the amazing thing is that because of Newtons Law in life… the love you give will all come back to you, one way or another.

Some articles and thoughts on this subject that I enjoyed reading…




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