We are all here striving for it.

An impossible destination, yet we are all tediously trying.

I believe that.

That everyone is truly trying.

It can be easy in this “natural state” to feel that someone means offense when they don’t, or to be hurt that your concerns weren’t on everyones mind. But I think most people rarely go into a day thinking,”I hope I ruin someones day today,” or, “If I can just make someones problems worse, then I’d consider today a success.”

I believe people are generally good, and therefore usually mean well.

Life can just get in the way.

And in being in this “natural state” it is easy to mix up your priorities with a natural, selfish, state of mind.

I am very guilty of this, as many of my readers know. When this happens, often my blog turns into a pity party of my grief and depression.

The quickest way to feel better about life is to stop falling down that spiral of self and to re-align your thoughts (and feelings) with the priorities you have- usually starting by thinking of someone else.

This can be hard. And with so many struggling with mental illnesses these days it can sometimes feel nearly impossible.

So, you do exercises.

Yes, you read right. Exercises for your life, to create a habit of love and service instead of the natural habit of greed and selfishness.

And sometimes you slip up. Because what is working out if you don’t push yourself too far every now and again.

But that’s alright because you just have to recover and start training yourself again.

I know there are some people thinking, “Not service again.” It’s one of those things that can feel pushed on you or burdensome. It can feel like too much to try and add someone else’s problems to the long list of things you’re already trying to get done.

And that’s valid.

But try an experiment for me.

Forego something on your personal “to-do” list in favor of something a friend or neighbor wants or needs– and see what blessings walk your way. Even if that blessing is just a better relationship with said individual.

Imagine a world where everyone, even just once a day, put a fellow man before themselves. That small idea can take us all that one more step toward that impossible goal of perfection while we all walk this crazy road called life.

Published by lynzeef

Angel mom, making lemonade out of life.

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