Old Origins…

Tiger Stripes and Lemonade.

I know it sounds kinda like I threw two random nouns together and called it good, but I actually chose this name specifically and both these things have a meaning.

Many women have heard the term “tiger stripes” as slang for the stretch marks women get during and after pregnancy. Although I haven’t any live children running around me, I am a mother and have earned many stripes to prove it.

“When live gives you lemons, make lemonade.”- a famous saying that has come to mean a lot to many people. This fall when the new TV show, This is Us, came out, the first episode inspired many with the doctors’ speech about taking “the sourest lemon life can give, and turning it into something resembling lemonade.” For me, watching this show just weeks after the still birth of my twin sons, this challenge struck a chord in my soul and gave me reason to fight the depression in my life.

And so, Tiger Stripes and Lemonade are my mantra, and waiting for my rainbows will be made easier in sharing my thoughts. My hope is that my experience, and life thereafter, may be helpful (maybe even inspiring,) to someone going through this- or any- trial.

Tiger Stripes and Lemonade is where I share with you bits of my journey in regards to grieving my stillborn sons, although, a lot more of life is shared here too.


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Angel mom, making lemonade out of life.

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