Dear Rexburg

Driving away from Rexburg for the last time in a long time and wishing I could articulate my thoughts and feelings…

I want to write a novel of sorts to the time I lived here and the friends I made, but I won’t bore everyone with the hundreds of pages and instead will limit it to a small(ish) post here…

Dear Rexburg,

5 years. Nearly 5 years time I lived in your little Idaho town.

In many ways I was a completely different person then. So young, eager to be on my own and imagining up the life I’d lead. I had NO idea then where life would take me- and if I’d been told what was in store, I probably would have tried to turn this path down and take another rout. What a mistake that would have been.

In these years I’ve explored several different majors, many influential relationships, status changes, marriage, moves, children, loss and lots and lots of love.

There are many people/things I am so grateful to have gleaned from Rexburg. We lived in many wonderful apartments during our time here with lots of fabulous roommates respectively and were blessed with wonderful ward families. We will forever leave a piece of our hearts with the Rexburg Married Student 13th Ward and Bishop Call. Rexburg also gave us beautiful young married years of growth.

I came to Rexburg as a teen “bright eyed and bushy tailed.” I was intent on starting my life and had a long list of “me things” to accomplish. Warren threw a lot of that off track so to speak and changed the life I would have had into what I’m living now- that’s the first thing I want to thank Rexburg for.

Thank you for giving me him.

Through him and his patience and never failing belief in my potential, I grew to understand His love better. So thank you again Rexburg.

Thank you for building my faith and testimony.

Between me and Rexburg, we convinced my oldest best friend Grace to join me in Idaho and find her calling (also after exploring many majors like me.) I will always be thankful for the time we spent together in Rexburg and for the struggles we overcame together.

Thank you for keeping Grace.

Rexburg also brought me my newer best friends.

During my time here I was blessed with a niece who I spent countless hours with. And through that niece I had the chance to really learn who my sister-in-law was. While living here, Megan became more than my brothers wife, she became my best friend and confidant.

Rexburg also blessed me with the sweetest human on this earth. Sarah came to me in a time when I didn’t even know how to keep living, and gave me her ear, her shoulder and her heart to get me through.

Thank you for Lindy, Megan and Sarah.

It doesn’t feel right not to mention my other love, dancing… I never would have met Warren though if it weren’t for Dancing. I’ve danced most my life, but in the middle of High School thought that chapter was over. Boy was a wrong. Coming up to Rexburg I began attending Swing Dance weekly on a Wednesday nights. It soon became more than a hobby for me, a passion even. Because of Swing and Ballroom, I was able to TA in some classes on campus and in one fateful class, in walked Warren (and Marc,) and I didn’t know then, but my life was infinitely blessed.

Thank you for Dancing.

Dancing gave me more than Warren and a fun way to fend off that freshmen fifteen. It also brought me something else. The whole reason I felt so nostalgic and novel-y… it brought me some of the deepest and most fulfilling friendships. Friendships who saw me through major changes, self discovery and sometimes self destructive times. Friendships who pulled me through empty bank accounts and deep deep depressions. Friendships who were there when we got married, and there when we lost Matix and Tegan. Friendships that withstood disagreements and petty arguments. Friendships who most definitely changed me for the better and forever.

Thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to meet my Febbowship.

Sincerely and forever yours, Lynzee

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