As so many of you now know, we found out we are having a beautiful baby girl join us soon, and we are so happy about it.

I have been asked often if we had “wanted,” a girl or boy more, and we really don’t care as long as baby is healthy and growing. It would be more convenient to have a boy since I kept so much of the stuff from the boys already, but for quite some time now both Warren and I felt we KNEW we’d be having a girl as our little rainbow. Enough time, in fact, that we named her nearly two years ago.

Kathleen Laelynn Febbo

That’s our little girls name.


It has changed slightly over the last couple years. I originally knew that our rainbows name would need to have a specific meaning, so I thought the middle name would be Hope. But while contemplating a little more I decided to change it for Laelynn for a couple specific reasons.

Kathleen we chose for obvious reasons, after her grandma, a wonderful and strengthening woman. As an added bonus the name means pure.

Laelynn was chosen for two reasons. Okay two and a half reasons. First of all being that I love the sound of it. Secondly, the name respects my own mother whose middle name is Lynn. Lastly, because Laelynn means flower of hope.

**Pure flower of hope.*

That’s our little Kate.

Bringing hope into the hearts of her parents from the home of her brothers.


(^the first purchase I made after learning of baby’s gender for sure…)

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