Believe it or not, (and it took me a while to accept and whole heartedly believe this,) there are some good things that come from being an Angel Mom.

Before getting into some of them I’ll preface this with some of “the bad, and the ugly” bits we all know to be reality… The grieving. Lasts a lifetime and can rise up and hit you hard at any unsuspecting moment. The loneliness. It can feel like you are completely alone in your grief and trials, no mater how many people assure you “they understand.” You heart feels like it may never fully function again, and your family is never quite whole in your eyes. Days can feel like a challenge just to get through and some of the most menial things can be a challenge.

But there truly is so much that comes from having a guardian angel (or guardian angels) on your side.

First off, and I truly have felt the reality of this one, you really are entitled to a little more heaven in your home when your an Angel Mom.

Granted, that may not mean your home is constantly a heavenly place, (we all have those chaotic and crazy days,) but if you put your mind to it, and make a point to help your home be a heavenly place– those angels will dwell with you more and more.


Another Angel Mom perk is the ability to have that heavenly comfort and love with you even when you’re NOT at home.

This last week I really felt that blessing come in full force one day when I was having the worst physical, mental and emotionally challenging morning. I came home for lunch and had no desire whatsoever to return and finish the day, but knowing it would be right and better in the long run- I went back anyway… And wouldn’t you know, I physically, mentally and emotionally felt my burdens being lifted and my load lightened. I felt relieved and rejuvenated in a way unlike the wimpy lunch I ate could have assisted me. As I came home that evening, I sat on my couch and again thought of my little angels who I knew were with me that day, showing me that I can do hard things- especially with their love and support.


Something many Angel Moms don’t realize, but greatly appreciate regardless, is the fact of the amazing and loving support group you’re ushered into by your little one(s) with wings… Angel Moms. The earned title, elite group and community you are given to help you through those “bad,” and “ugly”s.

And it doesn’t stop there.

There are specialized Angel Mom groups for each different kind of loss, there are PAILS (Pregnancy And Infancy Loss) groups and PAL (Pregnancy After a Loss) groups full of women who have walked a similar path and want you to experience the joy you deserve.

There are few things in life that give you that “automatic in” like being an Angel Mom.

One of the things my mother always told us growing up was, “that which you focus on will expand.” I know this is one of those mind things that sometimes is easier to brush off as silly but it is true. Just like the glass half empty or glass half full thing, when you choose to be grateful and focus on the good bits of even these trials and challenges we face, then you will continue to be blessed with that perspective and notice all the little lights that are left burning for you.

It is so easy to hear all of the bad and ugly bits of being an Angel Mom. All over the internet you can find those eternally blue women who I feel for, who can never pick back up and push on. I just wanted to share some of the yellow (or whatever color is your happy color,) bits of Angel Moms lives and hope that maybe you too will brighten someones day.


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Angel mom, making lemonade out of life.

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