The Tiniest of Babes

In general, I try not to be political online. Not that I don’t have opinions, because I do, but because on the internet these days, posting something political seems to be an invitation for argument, disrespect or even harassment. Everyone believes they’re entitled to their opinion and the world is all about “accepting differences,” except when it comes to difference of opinion in which case it is, for some reason, acceptable to lash out and ridicule someone for what they believe.

I like to think that I can understand where a person is coming from and why they have the opinion they do when they state an opinion on an issue. But for some reason, I feel uncomfortable bringing my own opinion forward because I know in a lot of cases that what I believe is the unpopular side of a debate. Because of this, even some of my close friends probably couldn’t tell you what it is I think about some of the issues currently.

But here I am, making a political post, because this specific issue has been on my mind a lot lately and I feel very strongly about it.


It’s a huge debate (for some reason) and causes a lot of strife for people.

One of my biggest problems with the issue all together is the fact that I have heard of girls voicing loudly about this debate who have never even experienced pregnancy in the slightest! Girls who couldn’t know what it feels like to carry an embryo, then a fetus, to the point of pregnancy that is currently still legal to terminate. Girls who don’t know the inexplainable feeling of reality that accompanies that little embryo the minute it’s fertilized and growing. Not that I don’t believe everyone is allowed an opinion, just that it bugs me when these girls so strongly advocate pro-choice when they have never experienced that change in your mind and soul!

Those girls believe they know enough to hold the opinion they do, yet in my one experience of pregnancy the change in my body as well as mind was so overwhelmingly obvious that I marvels to know that some women deny the reality of the life they carry. So much so that they bring themselves to the decision to kill that baby!

But if we want to be honest, each person wants to believe that they are the “good” type they hear about in stories. That they’d fight for right if the opportunity arose. This is why debating on issues like this is so heated is because each person truly believes they’re right and good in their belief. So how can we know what is truly good, not just what seems good or justifies an action? How can we know our opinion is morally sound?

There are a lot of good things people can do. Some people fight for animals rights, for their right to live and not be abused or in captive, which is an amazing and worthy cause. Yet the same people think it is somehow different, somehow moral, to kill a tiny human if a mother so chooses. For some reason, a dog has more value in many peoples’ minds than a human fetus does.

For some reason, society has decided that only the mother alone can decide whether a baby is valued or worthy of life. If the mother wants to end her fetus’ life for any reason, it is her right to do so… But on the other hand, for the fetus of a pregnant woman who WANTS that baby, their rights are almost infinite. So why has we come to a place where the opinion of ONE out weighs that of anyone else? Regardless of a fetus’ other family and/or adoptive families lining up for a baby.

Of course, for many the main reasoning for supporting abortion is that they believe the mother has the right to control her body and therefore terminate the pregnancy for any reason, and at any time in her pregnancy. But a fetus is not her body at all! That baby has a completely unique set of DNA, fingerprints, and sometimes even a different blood type.

Most everyone believes that the moment a baby is born and living outside of their mother, that to kill that baby would be murder. So why is it any different inside their mother? Why is killing that baby even just a few months before that “okay” in so many people’s minds?

There are always special cases, and reasons people will come up with to make the murder of the tiniest humans moral in their minds, but when regarding the majority of abortions today- of Healthy Women killing a Healthy Baby, the truth is that it is just immoral.

You may guess my conviction to this topic is solely because of my faith, but consider my experience and loss. I, like so many other women, carried my sons past “viability,” and close to “full term,” (for twins that is.) My husband and I wanted our sons, we prepared and planned for them, and what’s more- we loved them. In most people’s view, my sons were of infinite value because they were wanted. But they were taken from me. They were stillborn, and perfect, and because of that experience the thought of abortion is not only uncomfortable but sickening to me. Those perfect, innocent babies who’ve not even taken breath yet are stolen away from this life because a woman didn’t want to deal with her choices.

Even an early term abortion turns my stomach. Think of all the women you know, and that a quarter of them has experienced a miscarriage. Of those women many of them wanted and hoped for a baby, and were desperately sad when they lost them so soon. Yet there are women who end a healthy pregnancy simply because they don’t want to be inconvenienced.

The reality is that bad things happen. In life… mistakes and consequences… In pregnancy… And most everyone knows it, but nobody wants to consider- even for a second- the possibility of those things happening to them. I can guarantee that everyone knows somebody who has gone through a miscarriage, stillbirth or death of an infant. The statistics are too high for these losses to be unnoticed by everyone. One in four women experience a miscarriage, although not all women have the same beliefs or connections to these losses, they are happening all around us.



**I believe that a baby is of infinite value and deserves life if the mother can give it. I believe that a baby should be celebrated from the moment it was made to the day it is born and throughout its life. Because of this- whenever I do get pregnant, I will not be waiting the traditional 12 weeks to the “safe” time to announce a pregnancy. I will share my joy and journey with you and my friends. Sorry for that side note, and have a great week.

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