Remembering; “The News”-

I’ve decided to post my old blog’s pregnancy update posts on this blog as a series… I will repost them here, word for word from my personal blog, “Life with the Febbos.” I hope re-visiting my last years life will help me in healing and maybe let those of you who didn’t know every bit of my pregnancy’s progress understand a little more what i am currently going through. This first one, “The News” was posted on March 28th of last year to my personal blog a couple weeks after finding out I was carrying twins. It’s so fun to remember my excitement and astonishment upon seeing those two little peanuts for the very first time.

“First Ultrasound;”

“Just a few days ago (well 14 days now,) Warren and I got a big surprise. Two weeks ago, Monday, at my first ultrasound, the 14th of March, we learned that we are expecting twins. Two little figures showed white against the darkness, and two little heartbeats were heard. Warren was the first to detect the presence of more than one, and was afraid to speak out for fear he was right. When he did ask the midwife, “Only one?” she moved around and realized there were two of them! We had to wait in the ultrasound room for an hour then until an ultrasound tech specialist could come measure their progress and give me an updated EDD. When she finally came, we learned the younger of the two was 9weeks and 3 days at the time, and their due date was subject to a few weeks fluctuation. We also learned the type of twins we are expecting and that I would be coming in much more frequently than I’d previously expected to, the first of which being only one week from that day!”

“This news was quite unexpected to us and in the last week my life has changed in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. More anxiety and worry than I’ve felt in my life has been the compelling force for most of what I do day to day. Though I have always been an avid reader, my genre is more fantasy/adventure geared than educational. But this week, I’ve been reading a book called, “When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads; Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy.” Recommended to me by many mothers of twins, this book has been a great boost in my learning about whats going on with my own body as it works to create these two little miracles inside me.”

“Thereafter (so far…);”

“I had another ultrasound, just one week after that first one. We needed to go in and meet with an OB (since originally I had met with a midwife as that was my preference.) We got lots more pictures of my little ones to look at while we wait for the next visit, (which I will be getting an ultrasound visit every two weeks as my pregnancy is a more ” high-risk”) The news is now almost constantly on the brain, “Twins. I am making twins. There are going to be two babies…” But being sore and nauseous is pretty annoying at this point, so I am counting the days until the glorious SECOND TRIMESTER when they say this can be over!”

“We are planning on announcing the pregnancy on April Fools Day, this Friday, which is actually my twelve-week mark. Warren thinks it will be funny to announce the pregnancy on April Fools so that friends will have to wonder if it’s true or a joke… then a few days later I can update the wondering crowd with the double whammy.”

” So… Thats all for now folks. I have wanted something I really care about to blog about for such a long time that when I learned my lot, I knew I’d want to write at least a little about it… We’ll just have to see how it all goes.”–

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