Living Human

It seems so apparent in life today how different people can be. There are no two people exactly alike, because even if they grew up in the same circumstance, they have different parents and have had different experiences.

But there is one thing we all have beautifully in common.

We’re Human.

Being human has a lot of great attributes. Opposable thumbs for one. But also feeling, thought and innovation. All those things that make us individual. Life, circumstance, personality, and our decisions. Living changes a person. Life is a different kind of ride for everyone, but we all go through ups and downs.

You know what bugs me though? Some people like to throw their hands in the air and pretend that they have no control over the life they lead. It is true that there are aspects of everyone’s lives that are out of their personal control. But one of the best parts of being human is the agency we have to decide how we will react and deal with what life gives us.

We each receive different blessings and trials according to our life and choices we’ve made. Being upset about the happiness and blessings others receive can’t make you or your situation any happier. Especially when those others are people you love and want to see happy. It is just wasted energy on unhappiness. That which you focus on will expand. You find what you look for. Life is difficult in many ways, and because everyone goes through challenges, many like to assume their life is so much harder and more trying than everyone else. I’m preaching to myself more than anything here- as little as I, or anyone, would like to admit. Self pity is a pit fall in my life time and again, and it is no help. These days everyone likes to relinquish responsibility and place blame for their feelings or the misfortunes in life, it feels better not to hold yourself responsible for how you lead your own life.

Imperfection is part of being human. Imperfection is essential- we can’t expect a perfect life and when we make mistakes we learn and get back up. Although not all of life is chosen, and our circumstance directs a large part of life, the choices we make are what really define our life.

It’s true that even with my understanding and feeling I’ve shared above that there are still days that I give up the ownership of reason or feeling and give in to the tears and aching of my heart. There are times when the tears come and I just let them fall. I am imperfect. But, I am improving. I have a list of goals set and things I’ve pushed myself to do, and even with the times of tears I am steadily improving and gaining momentum toward the life I can have in my mind.

And so, if you’re reading this, know that you do have a choice. You can control your feelings. Not completely, and I believe it’s alright to let go every now and then, but you can decide to work towards happiness. Focus on the good. Make note of the laughter and good times. Notice the little blessings and joys you receive. As I mentioned last week, it can always be worse and you’re blessed beyond your view.


I just wanted to say here once more that none of this post is meant to offend or hurt, I am speaking to myself about pushing for a better perspective and hope that others can see some truth and help in my thoughts as well.

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Angel mom, making lemonade out of life.

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