One thing about moving is that you have to redo all of your routines.

That can be really good! Like I can  finally get moving and improving on goals I’ve been setting for myself and my marriage. Bedtime routines, morning routines, weekly routines… I wanted to improve on cleaning, cooking and planning, and moving has been a perfect kick start for those things. But I also have to keep up on my personal previously working routines. Like blog posts.

It got most of the way through Friday and I had almost completely forgotten that I needed to write a post! Although that could have something to do with clean up from last night, Gilmore Girls, or Black Friday Secret Santa shopping…

So forgive me for my timing, but at least it’s getting done. Check mark.

Today I thought I’d share a little bit of Thanksgiving! We decided not to travel to family because of time and cost, so we spend the day with some friends! It was my first time making a full thanksgiving dinner! And in the words of my husband the turkey was, “mmmmm delicious.”


I spent most of the day cooking, and waiting. Nobody tells you about the waiting, ya know? You always see the bustle and energy of the preparing of the meal, but the waiting isn’t really anticipated. Or at least it wasn’t by me. Each time I got one part of the prep done I’d look up at the clock and think about how long it would be cooking and how I didn’t have anything else to do for a while… But we got it all done! The turkey, gravy, potatoes and stuffing. The works.


And we set up the table in the living room so everybody could sit together and eat. All in all I think that our Thanksgiving was a success and I am thankful for the new friends.

A couple things I learned;

  • Turkeys take a long time to cook.
  • Thanksgiving involves an abundant amount of butter.
  • It’s better enjoyed with friends to share it with.

I honestly had expected to have an emotionally challenging day on Thanksgiving seeing as I had expected to have my babies with me this holiday season. In a lot of ways it was challenging, but it wasn’t one of my worst days. (Today’s been more difficult already.) But in the spirit of the day I tried to be thankful for what I have rather than focusing on what is missing. I am thankful that I have an eternal family and that my perfect sons are happy at home in heaven. I am thankful for a fantastic husband who loves and supports me in all and for a healthy body (getting there at least,) to have more children with in the future. I am thankful for the knowledge I have of the true and living gospel and the strength it gives me in this roller-coaster life I’m living. I am grateful for my family who’s stood by me through this trying time and for the friends who love and care for me. I’m grateful for the women I’ve met because of this journey I am now a part of. Many of them have changed my life and given me hope and love.

I want to challenge you to really truly think about what you’re thankful for. All of us go through things. Many would say that I have an extremely good reason to be unhappy and un-thankful this year, if anyone does. But no matter what you’re going through in life- some have it worse. There are things all around you to be grateful for. The fact that you’re reading this post is a blessing, some can’t even read. And you must have some device, whether that’s a smart-phone, tablet or computer, to be reading this now. We live in a blessed age full of people who feel entitled to the best any life has to offer. Rather than that kind of pride, humble yourself and look around you at the things you get to enjoy!

Alright I’m stepping off my soap-box. Thanks friends for reading. I love sharing thoughts and  I truly believe this blog has been the most therapeutic outlet for me in my grieving.

Until next time!

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Angel mom, making lemonade out of life.

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