Moving… Decorating… and more

I am sorry about slacking this week, but it’s been a busy one! Most of you know that we’ve moved! We got into our beautiful new apartment this last Tuesday and have just over the last two days been starting to really make it our own as we finish moving boxes of stuff around. Nothing says “home” like your own pictures and things that mean something to you!

We were very blessed to catch this listing while it was up and be put into this wonderful apartment! The housing up here is really competitive and high demand right now. There are a lot more people than apartments to go round, so it really is a blessing that we got any apartment at all, let alone my first choice! It even got a brand new paint job right before we moved in, and I am loving the grey.

I have really been trying to sharpen my decorating skills with this move since our last apartment was really just thrown together. At the same time, I don’t exactly have a million dollar budget to work with. Or really much money at all. So, the DI (Deseret Industries, my favorite thrift store,) was my friend in this endeavor. I was able to find that 16×20 black frame and the cute sign in the pictures above for $1 each!

Some of you know about our soda bottle collection. It started my first semester here at BYU-Idaho when I had kept a bottle from when a roommate and I had gone out together to get a treat. I liked the memory of the bottle and began keeping more of them. When Warren and I started dating, it became a special thing we would do together- go pick up two sodas and try them. From there it became our collection. We get a new bottle when we go visit somewhere new, like our trip to Yellowstone last summer.


I’m not completely sure if this is where my bottles are gonna stay, but it makes me happy seeing our memories out on a shelf.

We’re lucky enough to have a little powder bathroom in our downstairs. I got the little shelf and the little bottle at the DI for $1 as well. The rug and towel set were from Walmart.  All together a cheap, but cute little room!

I haven’t yet gotten my pictures and things hung in our family room (so that means you’ll see pictures when it is done!) but I’m happy about how it’s coming together anyhow. And with moving right at the start of holiday season, putting our little tree up was a fun afternoon for Warren and I to spend just enjoying each others company and the excitement of  the season.



My tip for you, I suppose, is to keep an eye on thrift/consignment stores for goodies to use in your house! Because a house of order is a house of God (;

Thanks for keeping up, and I promise there will be better posts next week!

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