Movin’ on out.

Next week my hubby and I are moving back up to Rexburg!

I’ve been so excited about this. I mean, don’t get me wrong, being with my family has been a God-send in this time. But it has been really hard not having our own place. For plenty of reasons. And so, when we finally got an apartment after weeks of searching, getting the lease on my top choice makes me quite happy indeed. We are moving into a cute little townhouse! (If you lived in Rexburg, you’d understand why this makes me so happy. The married student housing market is incredibly competitive right now, and town-homes are usually too expensive for us to consider… But I got one, and within our price-range too!)

With my life being turned on its head a couple of months ago (refer to my previous blog post) I’ve been browsing and reading up on some new hobbies to fill my time! One of which has been decorating/interior design. I binge watched Fixer Upper in the last months and have gotten psyched to do up a new apartment for my husband and myself. And right in time to decorate for the best months of the year!

There are a few downsides to having this kind of a wish when you’re a poor college student who cant afford a couch. First of which being that we don’t have the money for me to buy the furniture and decor I would like to have in our new apartment. And even if I did have the money for a couch, without a truck there would be no way for us to haul it to our place. Lucky for me, my dad has a trailer and has agreed to help me haul up the free couch I got from my sister. Family is the best.

Even without all the fancy-shmancy stuff I can’t afford, our house will be amazing. Firstly, and foremost, because we will FINALLY have a place that is our own. Hopping around from host to host and never having a place that’s all your own gets rather tiresome after a while, so we are quite excited to be back in our own apartment and be able to get our life put back together.

So I’ll announce right now that I plan on doing a second blog-post in the moving/decorating category in a couple weeks with some pictures of our house once I’ve done it all up! And just in time for the holiday season decorating too!

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