Cokeville Miracle

An amazing thing happened today.

After showering to get ready for my counseling appointment, while waiting for my hair to dry a bit, I was scrolling through Facebook as one does when wasting time… I came across a story on one of the mom groups I’m a part of.

This mom shares about an experience in going to the temple. She had recently went through a miscarriage and still had some of the body changes to deal with, and because of this, when she was getting dressed, she realized her dress was too small. She went to ask for a dress in a bigger size and was explaining that she had been pregnant, but before she could finish the temple worker was congratulating her and handing her a maternity dress. Instead of explaining further, this mother just thanked the woman and went to change. When she stepped out of the changing room, there was the temple worker waiting, and asking questions like, “When are you due…” It was then that the mother had to explain her recent miscarriage and D+C, to which the temple worker notably retracted and apologized several times. The temple worker left after giving her condolences, but returned shortly after. She told this mother that she felt compelled to share a story with her.

“Have you ever seen The Cokeville Miracle?”

“I have, it is one of my favorite movies.”

“Well, I am the wife of the police officer in that movie… During the disaster, each person was saved from the explosion by an angelic ancestor that they recognized. Except one girl. This girl didn’t recognize the angel who saved her. At least not for many years. Until she gave birth to her son, whom she immediately recognized as her saving angel.”

“… Even though your baby wasn’t to have a life on this earth, perhaps her purpose is to be your spiritual, and at times, physical protection. Possibly, the only way she could fulfill this purpose was to come to you and become your angel…”

The mother thanked the temple worker and gave her a warm hug, telling her she felt sure that story was the reason for her attending the temple that day.


While reading this story I was in chills more than one time.

I left to dry my hair and finish getting ready for my appointment with this anecdote twisting around in my brain.

I had the distinct impression, “Your trials are not over, Lynzee.”

And even though that thought is daunting and scary, it somehow seemed almost comforting.

It was no secret to me in marrying my husband that we would have our fair share of difficulties. Both of our patriarchal blessings have bits in them about the abundance of trials we will face together in this life… But the comfort is in the knowledge that through our first sizable trial together, we lost a lifetime of dreams and aspirations… But we gained our two perfect guardian angels to guide us through the hailstorms to come.

I have three little angels cheering me on… And even though my days are currently filled with self-doubt, darkness and desperation, I know that through my Lord and Savior, with my perfect husband at my side, and with the help of my perfect angels, I can withstand any storm.

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