Positively Perfect Timing

Today I wanna share some thought and feelings (as per usual,) I’ve been experiencing in my life recently.

Some of you may have seen the little
photo I shared a few days ago that simply said, img_0261-1
“Everything will come to you at the perfect time.”

Goodness knows that I have to believe this.

At times it is really hard for me to have faith in the Lords timing, but because He loves me, He shows me in smaller things that He is aware of my wants and desires and that in time, He will bless me with children.

For example… This past week was the second full week of school, and with that comes auditions for the teams of the semester(s) to come. I originally didn’t plan on auditioning for any dance team (I mean give me a break, I was just pregnant for most of a year and it’s only been three months since I gave birth to TWINS!) But as the audition dates drew near, I felt strongly that I should put my fear of failure behind me and try out for the team, and not just for the one semester performance team, but the two semester touring team. The audition was long and physically challenging for me and when time came around for the announcement of the team members, I knew I wouldn’t be called. I went home sore, tired and upset. Why had I felt that I should audition when all that I got out of it was pain and fatigue? The following day was auditions for this single semester team, but because of my experience the previous day and the soreness of my muscles, I was very discouraged and didn’t want to go. Warren, the amazing husband he is, talked me through and finally got me to agree to go if he would come and auditions with me.

These auditions were long, again, and physically difficult (with soreness on top!) but it was different because I had my husband by my side, working with me and supporting me.

We both made it through the cuts that evening and as the auditions grew closer to a close I felt more and more confident that this team may be right for both of us. Leaving that evening (before knowing the outcome of the auditions- they were to be posted later,) I felt happy and at peace with whatever outcome we would receive just knowing that I had a partner with me who would go so far just to show his love for me.

For both of us to make it onto the team this semester is one of the many tender mercies the Lord has sent me to show that His timing is guiding my life. Now is not the time for me to be on a prestigious touring dance company, but it is the perfect time to spend more time bonding and dancing with my husband and other (new) friends.img_0032

We are all going through things in life. Some are at a better spot than others, but everyone is being tested and tried. Usually it is the biggest blessings we seem to take for granted at this time. Simple things like a home to keep you warm during the winter (even when the heater is broken (; …) Its those things I want you to try and notice this week. Those things that you may not see as a blessing now, but if it were gone you’d know real quick how great you had it.

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